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Like picking a lover, it is not the most expensive or the most popular coffee would make the best choice but the one that suits you the most.

Coffee addicts often like only one kind of coffee which, in REVO, we call “the likings” of coffee connoisseur.

Similar to love, you can taste many kinds of coffee from many places with pleasant and “it’s OK” feelings and later you forget it.

But when you try a bit of coffee that suits your liking, the kind that you sink in in taste at the very first drink, it would be more than enough to let you know what love is. Then, you would keep on asking people where to find this coffee, and you would find it, buy it and in the end bring it home with a indescribable feeling of happiness. It is because you know this is the kind of coffee personalized for you and only you.

Each of us has our own taste of coffee. Some love the strong bitterness of Robusta, and some pick Arabica for its aroma and fine sweet after-taste. And then is about the way of serving coffee: do you love an cup of black coffe with ice or some hot milk coffee? Do you favor expresso over cappuchino? Do you like the traditional or modern coffee brewing methods? Well, that is just to nanme a few.

Lucky for us, the world of coffee is big enough for that we can enjoy regardless of our personal taste.

At Revo Coffee, we choose the finest coffee beans from Cau Dat – Viet Nam, apply modern roasting technology and take care of everything with passion and a passionate heart for coffee. The only thing: Understanding to create great coffee taste to meet the taste and needs of each customer.

Coming to Revo Coffee, you can manually blend coffee by personal taste and design your own labels according to your taste and personality. The premium coffee you bring to your home is not only Revo Coffee, but also “Your Personalized Coffee” that you create and just for you.

Bringing high-quality coffee beans and satisfying each person’s taste is our mission.

If possible, tell us your story, and we’ll bring you a coffee experience just for you.

Revo Coffee,
Your Personalized Coffee

Our roastery at Kizuna IP

Revo Coffee Roastery is located in the Kizuna Industrial Park of Long An province, a green enviroment with sophisticated infastructure of operation chosen by many Japanese and Korean businesses.

The location of our roastery is only 19km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City which convenient for shipping and cost-saving; and assuring our customers of high-quality, tasty and consistent products.

Best ingredients

70% of the quality of a cup of coffee rest on the green beans.

Ripe coffee beans are selected from many provice. Through many methods of processing, these ripe bean turned into green bean with many different favor. In Revo, we only use known-origin Arabica and Robusta beans which meet standards for exporting.

These green beans are screened through three standardized-steps of REVO before offcially get stored in our warehouse in a high-precision temperature and humidity controlled enviroment.

Many people will call it “strict standard”, we REVO call it perfect tasty coffee.

Passion for coffee

Begin as an interest, then becoming an addiction and turn into a passion, we bond our life with coffee beans and exert ourselves to the utmost to understand and share with people the real values of coffee.

Because coffee is truly coffee only when its farmers, roasters, brewers and ones who bring coffee to customers have a endless passion, much like love, in this mysterious and charming drink.

Revo Coffee's Mission

Bringing high-quality coffee beans and satisfying each person’s taste

is our mission.


27 Pham Thai Buong, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC

Tel: (+84) 28 266 58 59 80

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