Revo Coffee

From a coffee green bean to a aromatic cup of grounded coffee is a highly concentrated progress of roaster artisans.

From screening, roasting, tasting to mixing all require the professionalism and the devotion to take out the finest of the coffee beans and bring it to the customers.

In REVO roastery, we learn valuable experiences from famous domestic and foreign coffee artisans. And with an modern coffee processing methods, we make special products with many different favors suit coffee connoisseurs’ liking perfectly.

Premium coffee beans

70% of the quality of a cup of coffee rest on the green beans.

Ripe coffee beans are selected from many provices. Through many methods of processing, these ripe bean turned into green bean with many different favor. In Revo, we only use known-origin Arabica and Robusta coffee beans which meet standards for exporting to ensure the best taste.

All green beans is screened in three REVO-standardized steps before get stored in our warehouse with high precision temperature and humidity controls before proceeded to next step.

Some will call this is “strict method”, we call it “perfect taste coffee”.

Coffee Artisans

Roasting is the most exciting part of the coffee processing chain.

To create a perfect cup of coffee, in addition to 70% comes from the origin and quality of green bean, 20% comes from roasting. Roasting is the only step to highlight the aromas and flavors of coffee. That is when the charming aroma of coffee beans are awakened after a long cherished. The aroma of coffee has just been grinded as a stimulant, passionate and hard to describe.

Art of roaster

In REVO roastery, we pays great deal of attention to make many roasting samples to get the finest one. The data of each roasting batch is carefully stored to ensure the uniformity of many different batches.

After roasting, coffee will be cooled off and get air vented before packing. The zipped coffee package is one-way valved to ensure the strictest storage standard and minimize the effect of air over the coffee tastes.

With that progress, each bag of coffee would have the best aroma, consistent ingredients and a unique taste.


27 Pham Thai Buong, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC

Tel: (+84) 28 266 58 59 80

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Revo sẽ liên hệ bạn trong thời gian sớm nhất